Rich Rector Recruiting Testimonials and Client Success stories

“Working with Rich and using his Recruiting Strategies & Techniques my management team recruited over 1,500 agents in 3 years!”

-Gino Blefari, President and Founder
 Intero Real Estate Services

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Rich Rector Recruiting Testimonials and Client Success stories

Rich has built the Career Development and Recruiting Programs for some of the top real estate companies in the country. Rich has recruited an unprecedented 3,000 agents in Southern California. He has developed a coaching program, encompassing recruiting, agent training, profitability and growth.

Recruiting Program

Recruiting programs for the real estate industry seeking effective

and proven real estate recruiting by industry leader, Rich Rector. 

Rich Rector has over 20 years of real estate recruiting experience and several different recruiting program events. Check them out and give us a call to discuss your personal real estate recruiting program needs.

Coaching, Training and Recruiting Programs:

  One on One Bi-Weekly Recruiting Program Coaching ($450 per month)
  • Two - 30 minute private recruiting coaching calls per month
  • Tracking and accountability form
  • Recruiting materials: Scripts, recruiting business plan, recruiting letters, marketing and ad samples…
  • Weekly e-mail- Thoughts/Tips/Success for the week

 One on One Weekly Recruiting Program Coaching ($1,000 per month)  

  • Four- 30 minute private recruiting coaching calls per month

  • Tracking and accountability recruiting program form

  • Recruiting materials: Scripts, recruiting business plan, recruiting letters, marketing and ad samples…

  • Weekly E-mail- Thoughts/Tips/Success for the week


Real Estate Recruiting Coaching Program Topics:

  • Recruiting business plan
  • Targets, agent profile and standards
  • Agent recruiting strategies
  • Techniques, systems and lead generation real estate recruiting opportunities
  • Setting appointments- scripts/ dialogs, understanding recruiting truths and psychology
  • Interview process- recruiting program presentation
  • Value propositions, understanding the benefits using questions and scripts
  • Handling recruiting objections
  • Closing recruits
  • Lead follow up process and system
  • Communication- listening, understanding the personality styles
  • Leveraging hires, agent and affiliate referrals, promoting success
  • Group recruiting events, topics and process
  • Recruiting marketing- E-recruiting, mailings, letters, drip campaign,   recruiting web-site and blogging  
  • Tracking numbers, accountability, ratios, planning and predictability
  • Agent transitions- Process, exit meeting
  • Your office orientation, check lists, promoting and getting referrals
  •  Agent business plans and schedules
  •  Coaching agents, monitoring and accountability
  •  Call reluctance
  •  Schedule management
  •  Agent Retention
  •  Mind set- discipline and developing consistency

Other Real Estate Recruiting Programs

24 Powerful Recruiting Scripts

Training, Workshops and Events/Real Estate Recruiting

Recruiting Programs offered by Rich Rector are highly demanded. Please be sure to contact us to discuss your real estate recruiting program needs.

What makes a good recruiting program?

Times have changed and so have the techniques involved in a successful recruiting program.  To create a recruiting program that gets the results, you have to think beyond the traditional methods and develop new methods.  But which combination of methods works best?

A recruiting program that works is more than just an advertising campaign involving a few letterbox fliers or posting vacancies on online job seeker websites.  Sure, these methods might manage to generate a little initial interest, but once you’ve attracted the attention of your potential agents, your recruiting program needs to do more – just the initial moves is like clearing your throat at the beginning of a talk without saying anything – it gets you nowhere.

Rector Recruiting has a number of tools that real estate companies can use to build great recruiting programs that attract the agents with the most potential, and help you to retain the winners that you’ve already hired in the past.  These tools range from how to great attractive recruiting letters and writing recruiting scripts to advice on how to use the internet to the greatest effect as part of your recruiting program.

Take website creation.  While a dedicated website can help your recruiting program no end, you need to know how to generate interest in the website.  This often involves a combination of drip emails, content creation and much, much more.  Sounds complicated?  It is at first, but the Rector Recruiting Platinum, Gold and Silver coaching programs help you with this side of any recruiting program you create with our help.

The interview is another important part of the recruiting program.  Unlike regular job interviews, an interview for a prospective agent is as much about selling the benefits of the real industry as it is about eliminating daydreamers and unsuitable prospects.  Creating a good script that gets the point across as well as allowing plenty of flexibility to answer the prospect’s questions is a fine art and one that can take a bit of trial and error if you don’t know how.  Fortunately, with Rich Rector’s extensive experience as both a recruiter and a real estate agent, much of the error is taken out of the process and you can learn how to create an interview script – one of the most crucial aspects of your recruiting program sorted!

However, any of the coaching packages from Rector Recruiting doesn’t just stop with giving you the tools or one brief seminar or talk.  Our coaching packages are backed up with personal group coaching calls on a regular basis to allow you to discuss issues and ask any further questions you might have as your recruiting program progresses.  You won’t just be given a set of tools and left to flounder on your own.  We also keep in touch with you via weekly email newsletters with hot tips for improving your recruiting program.

Follow the link to find out the full details of what Rector Recruiting can offer your real estate company to help you create a recruiting program that succeeds!